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tamanu oil

Calophyllum tacamahaca

Tamanu Oil is derived from a Tamanu tree (Calophyllum tacamahaca), which is native to the island of Tahiti, but can also be found in other tropical areas. Tamanu Oil is a remarkable topical healing agent with skin healing, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It possesses a unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing and the growth of healthy skin. This process is known as cicatrization. For this reason, it is a widely used traditional topical aid. Tamanu Oil is also massaged into the skin to relieve neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica. It fades stretch marks with incredible results. It also works miracles on scar tissue, making scars look less unsightly.

Tamanu Oil contains three basic classes of lipids, neutral lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipids. It contains a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid, and a novel antibiotic lactone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent called calophyllolide. Another component is coumarin, which is anti-inflammatory and accounts for some of the oilís beneficial activity. Based on the activity of these constituents, it is clear that Tamanu Oil possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. Tamanu Oil is to be used topically. It is not for internal use and should be used only on the skin.


Derma Scar Cream, 21 Grams, by Quantum Health

Retail: $11.99 Our Price!: $8.27 , 2 for $16.11, 6 for $45.30
Shea Butter Body Lotion, with Tamanu Oil, Unscented, 8 oz Liquid, by Mode de Vie

Retail: $17.04 Our Price!: $15.17 , 2 for $29.55, 6 for $83.10

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