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Stevia Concentrate Liquid Travel Size by Sweet Leaf

6 ml

Stevia Concentrate Liquid Travel Size

Regular Retail: $3.99
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Item #: VBD029323
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Stevia Concentrate Liquid Travel Size is not only sweet to taste, it's sweet to cuts and blemishes, too. It has an herbal, licorice flavor and you can drop a little concentrate in your drink or food to taste, or drop a little on your owie. Its antiseptic and pain-relieving qualities will get that gaping paper cut cleaned up in no time. And when added to your food or drink, the concentrate not only sweetens, it nourishes your pancreas and may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Unrefined whole leaf concentrate made with water
  • Nourishes pancreas
  • May help regulate blood sugar levels
  • Can be used as a topical agent for blemishes and cuts
  • Has antiseptic and pain-relieving properties.

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