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Located just outside of Vancouver, BC, in the nearby city of Richmond, Herbon was the first company in North America to put therapeutic amounts of Echinacea in a cough drop. By using a scientifically guided formulation, Herbon effectively bridged the gap between traditional cough and cold medications and herbal remedies. Today this cough drop is known simply as Herbon Original, and is distributed in Canada, the United States, and many other countries from the UK to Japan.

Innovation and Science
At Herbon they continually strive to innovate and fulfill their mission to create scientifically-guided natural and herbal products that improve their customer’s well-being. They are proud to offer their customers only the best and most innovative products possible. Herbon Sugar Free Wild Cherry is the only naturally sweetened sugar free cough drop. Most sugar free cough drops contain an artificial sweetener such as Aspartame. Herbon Sugar Free is made in the low caloric base of Isomalt, which is suitable for diabetics, and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Herbon Organic is quite simply the world’s first Organic cough drop. So many people are demanding organic products and remedies and Herbon is proud to be the first to offer a cough drop that immediately relives cold symptoms, boosts the immune system and is organic.

Herbon is dedicated to creating a dynamic company that continually innovates and invests to address the ever-changing needs of their consumers, their families, and the community while providing viable returns to the owners and shareholders of their business. Herbon aims to fulfill this mission with the highest level of integrity and cultivates a working philosophy based on entrepreneurship, professionalism, and team spirit.

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