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Shaman Earthly Organics products do not use Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate. Instead, mild coconut-based and vegetable-derived surfactants are used. These surfactants are very mild due to a lower pH (less alkaline) than conventional surfactants, therefore are less irritating and drying to the skin, hair and eyes. Other benefits include outstanding lather building, resistance to sebum de-lathering, improved moisture retention in the skin and hair, and good tolerance to hard water.

Behetrimonium Methulsulfate, a revolutionary new conditioning agent derived from Colza oil, is an essential component in their conditioners. This natural oil provides unsurpassed restoration properties to damaged hair. It actually penetrates the hair and rebuilds the hair to its natural beauty. This is not a coating process; which will eventually leave a build-up and weigh down the hair. Since it is a penetrating process, visible results take a week to 10 days. These results, however, are a long-term solution. Wheat Amino Acids, botanicals and vitamins are also added to supplement this process. These unique emulsions offer a series of conditioners never before offered in the natural products arena, nor professional salons.

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