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TeaTech is a Utah Corporation wholly owned by Xel Herbaceuticals®, Inc. TeaTech was formed in part to specifically focus on the development and marketing of unique nutritional products based on Xel's proprietary green tea extracts. The Company's unique fresh green tea extract is the basis for its popular product line of instant green tea beverage mixes, and other functional and dietary supplement products.

The ancient Chinese legend that the Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea about 5,000 years ago is generally regarded as fact in modern times. In the modern world, tea is the world's second most popular drink next to water. Tea, but especially green tea, has been recognized as an important commodity for thousands of years in China and is highly revered for its healing and restorative properties. Importantly, in the past five years the fact that green tea is suddenly making headlines throughout the world as not only a refreshing beverage but has also become an important player in the world of health and nutrition with proven benefits and research on powerful antioxidants contained in green tea, known as polyphenols.

TeaTech's innovative products enable the consumer to enjoy the natural benefits, therapeutic effects, and potential health benefits of green tea in a new and modern way. TeaTech's dreams of combining modern technologies with ancient Chinese wisdom are being fully realized in its line of proprietary and unique instant green teas. Made only from fresh green tea leaves and using only water in its extraction method, one serving of TeaTech instant green tea provides as many benefits or more than 8 cups of most brewed teas. Its natural fresh green tea taste and color is the secret of its refreshing character and deliciousness. TeaTech brand Instant Green Tea Beverage Mix began retail distribution in December 2002, and is currently available at over 8,000 stores nationwide. Because of its uniqueness and highest possible quality, TeaTech brand has already become well recognized within the Company's two and a half years of operation. In fact, TeaTech XtraGreen Tea won “Best Taste” at the 2005 World Tea Expo held in conjunction with the United States of America Tea Association.

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