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Triple Leaf Tea

Ancient Chinese Medicinal Teas

Triple Leaf Teas are made by our Chinese-American family owned business. Triple Leaf Teas combine ancient Chinese herbal formulas with the input of modern day Chinese herbalists trained in traditional healing herbalism. The result is the creation of these delicious healing teas to meet our modern day’s needs.

The herbs you find in their formulas are those used in China by Chinese herbalists. Some herbs you will recognize as renowned Chinese herbs, others are less well-known in the West but prized in the Orient. The use of authentic Chinese herbs and herbal formulas created by experienced, skilled Chinese herbalists assures you of benefiting from the vast herbal knowledge accumulated since Chinese medicine began in approximately 1500 B.C. Their herbal blends have been created to address a broad spectrum of needs, so that everyone will benefit from them. Their beverage, medicinal and diet teas can all be enjoyed as beneficial healthful teas. Whether hot or iced, you will enjoy them all!

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