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Nasaline Salt by Nasaline

for Saline Solution, 8 oz Salts

Nasaline Salt

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Nasaline Salt for Saline Solution is 99.9% purified pharmaceutical grade salt specifically made for use in mixing saline solution. Nasaline Salt is pure Sodium Chloride with no additives or preservatives and is completely safe to use with Nasaline - The Nasal Irrigator for nasal cleansing.

Nasaline Salt is obtained from deep well underground salt deposits, and has undergone the most stringent purification process controls to make sure it is of the highest quality and purity. We recommend using Nasaline Salt to prevent possible allergic reactions that one might develop from the iodine in store bought iodized salt or the algea frequently found in sea salts.


99.9% purified pharmaceutical grade salt.

Suggested Usage

Mix one (1) measured teaspoon of Nasaline Salt in two (2) cups of warm water. Follow the directions as instructed in your Nasaline manual. Please read complete instructions before use. 8 oz. - makes approximately 96 cups of saline solution - good for about 80 - 120 nasal rinses, depending on level of usage. Comes with a 16 oz. convenient storage and dispensing container.

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