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Snooze Nostril Expander, Medium by Nasaline

Snooze Nostril Expander, Medium

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Snooze Nostril Expander is a unique medical device used to enhance breathing, improve sleep, and reduce snoring - naturally. It also provides relief from symptoms associated with allergies and colds. It was designed by a team of Swedish ear, nose and throat specialists, and has been used by sleep clinics, hospitals, and athletes since 1998.

Nasaline® Snooze can be used to aid or alleviate any of the following conditions:

  • Snoring - due to nasal obstruction or mouth breathing.
  • Allergy and cold symptoms - enhances breathing due to nasal congestion.
  • Nasal valve collapse.
  • Septal deviation.
  • Dry mouth - during and after sleeping.

    Nasaline® Snooze can also be used to improve physical activity such as weight lifting, jogging, and yoga exercises by improving air intake.


    Nasaline® Snooze consists of two nostril expanders and a connector-cord made of high quality medical grade silicone. Nasaline® Snooze is completely latex-free as it was specifically designed for direct contact with the skin.

    Suggested Usage

    Once the expanders are inserted correctly, you can sleep, lie down, and perform most types of physical activity. If discomfort occurs, refrain from using. If one nostril opening is slightly smaller than the other, you may need to use a different size for each nostril.

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