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Long Life Herbal Teas

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Long Life is part of the Country Life family of health and beauty companies. Country Life, a family-owned company, also includes Desert Essence (natural beauty, oral hygiene, and body care products), Biochem Sports and Fitness (sports nutrition), and IronTek (sports nutrition geared toward the competitive athlete.

Long Life Tea was developed over 400 years ago for the Emperor of The Ming Dynasty by his Royal Physicians. The Emperor specifically requested that this tea must provide pleasure & health, have an attractive appearance, and possess a pleasant aroma. Today, all Long Life beverages still honor these fundamental principles. Each herbal blend follows the philosophy of Chinese Herbal Medicine which seeks to bring balance and harmony.

While the notion of Long Life Tea has been around for four centuries, their corporate history begins more recently, in the early 80s when Dr. Steven Chang and his student John Lindseth founded Wan-Tso which became the Long Life Tea Company. Dr. Chang's grandmother was the last royal physician to serve an emperor in China -- the Empress Tse Shi. The family recipes for Long Life Tea had been handed down from generation to generation and eventually to him. In the past, this special tea was reserved for the royal family and honored guests. However, in light of the superior taste, product quality and health benefits, Dr. Chang wanted to make Long Life Tea available to everyone. Consequently, in 1995, the Lindseth family sold Long Life to Country Life (a leading vitamin manufacturer) to carry on this tradition and bring Long Life Teas to the world. Over the past few years, a diverse management team with a dedicated commitment to the company's overall philosophy has expanded the original line to include iced teas and now enhanced bottled waters. From its ancient roots, Long Life continues to provide a wide range of healthy, refreshing, delicious beverages to everyone.

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