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Magnetic Energizing by Giovanni Hair Care

Shampoo, 8.5 oz Liquid

Magnetic Energizing

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Magnetic Energizing Shampoo - For centuries, people have used Magnetic Power to encourage good health and a sense of well being. Now your hair and scalp will benefit too! Nature's powerful magnetic material, Magnetite is blended into this product in our Magnetic Structuring Tanks (pat. pending) to infuse millions of micro-magnets with proteins, minerals, and moisturizers that magnetically attach to your hair. Hair has a natural negative electrical charge: the longer it grows more dry/damaged it becomes, the higher the charge. Our micro-magnets are positively charged and are naturally attracted to the specific locations that need conditioning. Your hair will have a strand by strand customized conditioning treatment! Giovanni Hair Care Features:
  • Binds micro-magnetic elements (Magnetite) into the hair shaft
  • Magnetically conditions the cuticle layer
  • Provides magnetic therapeutic benefits to hair and scalp
  • Adds magnetically charged proteins
  • Micro-magnetic bonding
  • Contains Lactoferrin
  • Adds super shine
  • Less tangles, less frizz
  • Soothes hair and scalp
  • Adds fullness, volume and manageability
  • Fills in and bonds to each hair's porous areas
  • Nourishes and enriches hair for luster and strength
  • The beauty of science

    Giovanni Cosmetics introduces magnetically charged hair care, an unprecedented breakthrough in the ability to infuse damaged hair with protein and conditioners.

    A Micro-Magnetic base in each product allows for infinitesimal magnets to fill in the overly porous sites of hair that is chemically treated or environmentally ravaged. This natural attraction occurs because of a magnetic mineral mixed into formulas inside unique, magnetically charged structuring tanks.

    Powerful and proven in a mathematical theorem, the science of beautiful hair is known as . Simply, this equation explains how potential magnetic energy is released in a magnetic moment. During the moment, the Micro-Magnets are attached to those sites in your hair deemed negatively charged (damaged). The Micro-Magnets give strand-by-strand, customized conditioning treatment.

    Each product in the Magnetic line has a specific Magnetic Density Level (MDL). The higher the number, the greater the amount of magnetite mineral used, and the more beautiful your hair. The increased magnetite increases the benefits your hair and scalp will reap from these beauty-attracting products.

    For several years, Arthur and son James have studied the various uses and beneficial effects of magnetic power. One day, during an all night research session with friend and physicist, Dr. D. Raehmer, the entire concept began to gel. At about 3:30 a.m. the research team came across a powerful and proven mathematical theorem that would unlock the secret of magnetism and beautiful hair. It was a new discovery for hair! This well-known mathematical theorem became such an important part of the product formulation that it has been printed on every bottle.

    Essentially, said James, you are wearing Micro-Magnets in your hair that offer the true benefits of superior, long-lasting conditioning plus the recognized benefits of magnetic therapy.


  • Aqueous (water)
  • extracts of rosemary (rosemarinus officinalis) oil
  • coltsfoot leaf (tussilago farfara)
  • sage leaf (salvia officinalis)
  • clary (salvia sclarea)
  • thyme (thymus vulgaris) oil
  • soybean protein (glycine soja)
  • C12-14 olefin sulfate (coconut derived)
  • cocomidopropyl betaine
  • magnetite (Fe3O4)
  • citric acid (corn)
  • lactoferrin (metalloprotein)
  • mica
  • sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
  • sodium chloride (sea salt)
  • grapefruit seed.

    Suggested Usage

    Message into moist hair until rich lather appears. For best results, leave on hair for 30 seconds. Rinse. Follow with Magnetic Restruxturing Conditioner. Use daily or as often as needed

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