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Food Trays by Fresh Baby Retail: $11.95
Our Price!: $8.65
Fresh Start Cworkbook by Fresh Baby Retail: $19.95
Our Price!: $12.04
So Easy Baby Food Kit by Fresh Baby Retail: $34.95
Our Price!: $22.53

Fresh Baby

Reminiscent of the movie, “Baby Boom”, starring Diane Keaton, Fresh Baby is the inspiration of two sisters, Joan Ahlers and Cheryl Tallman, who live in rural parts of The United States, thousands of miles apart. In raising their children, they could not identify all-natural alternatives for healthy and hassle-free feeding. Drawing upon their own concerns as parents, the two women began developing products for today's busy parents and caregivers with a product line that includes: homemade baby food kits, baby food cookbooks, baby food and breast milk storage trays, breastfeeding reminders, and child development diaries. Since its inception in October 2002, Fresh Baby has leveraged the ever-increasing consumer interest in natural living and healthy eating to curb the childhood obesity epidemic plaguing the nation. Through the development of products that encourage breastfeeding and developing children's healthy eating habits, Fresh Baby is helping parents proactively respond to this healthcare crisis.

Over time, Fresh Baby will offer a complete array of products for newborn through school-aged children that support parents in developing good eating habits for their children and thereby reduce their children’s risk of obesity.

Food Trays, 2 Trays, by Fresh Baby

Retail: $11.95 Our Price!: $8.65 , 2 for $16.84, 6 for $47.38
Fresh Start Cworkbook, 1 Each, by Fresh Baby

Retail: $19.95 Our Price!: $12.04 , 2 for $23.45, 6 for $65.96
So Easy Baby Food Kit, 1 Kit, by Fresh Baby

Retail: $34.95 Our Price!: $22.53 , 2 for $43.88, 6 for $123.42

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