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Selenicereus grandiflorus

Part Used: Fresh succulent stem

Cactus Grandiflorous (Selenicereus grandiflorus) is a cactus species originating from the Antilles, Mexico and Central America. The species is commonly referred to as Nightblooming Cereus, Queen of the Night, Large-flowered Cactus, Sweet-Scented Cactus or Vanilla Cactus. The plant has a snake-like, creeping or climbing stem that can reach over 30 feet in length. Its huge, sweet-smelling flowers--up to 10 inches in diameter--bloom for only 6 hours before dying. Indigenous to Central America, it is cultivated primarily in Mexico. The flowers and other above-ground parts of the plant are considered medicinal. Cactus Grandiflorus is beneficial for cardiac weakness of arteriosclerosis, irregular heart. It is useful for the sensation of heart constriction or palpitation symptoms. It is helpful for band-like sensations. It boosts the heart and opens the blood vessels. It also stimulates the movement-governing nerves in the spinal cord, and may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Cactus Grandiflorus is used in homeopathy, a remedy for this species is sometimes recommended for urinary tract infections and heart conditions such as the crushing pain of angina. Although it exhibits proven effects on the heart, its value as a remedy has not been officially recognized. In folk medicine, Selenicereus Grandiflorus has also been used to treat the spitting up of bloody sputum, heavy or painful menstrual periods, and hemorrhages. The juice of the plant has been used for bladder infections, shortness of breath, and water retention. Applied externally, it has been used for rheumatism. And in homeopathic medicine, it's recommended for spasmodic pain and hemorrhage. It is also assumed to be an aphrodisiac.

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Cactus, 1 Oz., by Herb Pharm

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