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Benefit Toothbrush

Better Brushing Made Simple & Easy!

Benefit is the toothbrush for:

  • Patients with hand and/or arm movement challenges
  • Brushing another individualís teeth
  • Kids who refuse to brush properly

    Benefitís three independent heads ensure that the correct brushing angle of 45į is maintained between the bristles and the gingiva. The bristles completely surround the teeth, and automatically adjust to tooth contours, lengths and widths. The Benefit Toothbrush brushes your teeth right every time almost automatically. It is accepted by the American Dental Association. The unique three brush, flexible head design allows users to clean all three tooth surfaces while it removes plaque buildup and stimulates the gums. It makes brushing easier, faster and better. The standard handle brush can also be used with a cuff by people having difficulty closing their hands. The Benefit Toothbrush is accepted as an effective cleansing device that has been shown to remove plaque and reduce gingivitis when used as directed in a program of good oral hygiene to supplement regular professional care (-Council on Scientific Affairs, American Dental Association).

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