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Blues Buster

Shines like the sun!

Blues Buster® is a breakthrough in Light Bulb Technology. Blues Buster®, full spectrum Light Bulbs, introduces a revolution in light bulb design. Using scientifically formulated glass, Blues Buster® actually produces a full spectrum of light like natural sunlight! Unlike ordinary light bulbs which produce unnatural light that can contribute to eye strain, Blues Buster® replicates a full spectrum of light similar to real sunlight. So even if it's grey outside, it feels like sunshine inside your home and office!

  • Beat The Blues: Ever feel a little blue after a period of dreary overcast days? Blues Buster® light bulbs provide a full color spectrum of light - like natural sunlight into your home and office!
  • Reduce Eye Strain: Reducing glare, reduces eyestrain, letting you read more comfortably.
  • Professional Uses: See true colors! Great for use in home, office, medical, dental, studios, and hair and nail salons.
  • Lasts 6 Times Longer: Blues Buster® light bulbs provide up to 5,000 hours of light – 6 times longer than ordinary bulbs!

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