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Raw Multiple Glandulars by Ultra Glandulars

60 Tablets

Raw Multiple Glandulars

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This unique high- potency formulation is designed to give maximum support to both male and female glandular system.


As a dietary food supplement take one-three tablets daily. (Preferably between meals for maximum results.)

Suggested Usage

Raw Adrenal (bovine) Tissue, Raw Adrenal Cortez (bovine) Tissue, Raw Thyroid (bovine) Tissue, Raw Thymus (bovine) Tissue, Raw Spleen (bovine) tissue, Raw Lung (bovine) Tissue, Raw Kidney (bovine) Tissue, Raw Lymph (bovine) Tissue, Raw Heat (bovine) Tissue, Hypothalmus (bovine), Raw Pituitary (bovine) Tissue, Raw Pancreas (bovine) Tissue, Raw Pineal (bovine) Tissue, Raw Liver Conc20X (bovine), Raw Brain (bovine) Tissue, Raw Stomach (bovine) tissue, Raw Doudenum (bovine) Tissue.

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