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Sierrasil® is a natural mineral ingredient primarily targeted for people who desire joint comfort, increased flexibility and mobility as well as active people and athletes wanting to increase their endurance, workout intensity and recover faster from post-exercise stiffness. SierraSil is named for the Sierra Mountains, where it was found, and for the primary type of minerals it contains, silicates. Formed over a million years ago and created by geothermic and hydrothermal forces, SierraSil is a combination of the earth's elements similar to those used in traditional remedies. For thousands of years Indigenous peoples, including Native Americans, have used mineral-rich clay powder for its healing properties.

SierraSil® contains minerals that are essential to the body's natural healing process. What makes it so effective is the unique combination of minerals, which work to safely prevent the breakdown of cartilage and significantly reduce inflammation.

SierraSil® is a fine blonde or golden powder that is a unique, naturally occurring combination of highly absorbable trace minerals with clay properties. The SierraSil® mineral profiles include trace amounts of numerous minerals. It contains: silicon dioxide, calcium sulfate, feldspar, potassium, iron sulfate, smectite, kaolinite and zeolite. Within each of these minerals are individual elements such as silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, phos phorous and other concurrent minerals.

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