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Goatsmilk Soap by Kappus Retail: $2.19
Our Price!: $1.86
Oatmeal Soap by Kappus Retail: $2.19
Our Price!: $1.86
Red Poppy Soap by Kappus Retail: $3.35
Our Price!: $2.42
Strawberry Soap by Kappus Retail: $2.15
Our Price!: $1.58


Kappus is a family company. The Kappus-Group produces approx. 35.000 tons (350 million pieces) of soap yearly at 3 production sites in Offenbach (Hessen), Riesa (Sachsen) and Krefeld (NRW). It is the largest soap manufacturer in Germany.

All three locations are ISO 9001:2000 certified and equipped with most modern machinery. It produces a wide range of soap and cosmetic products:

  • Soap noodles on either neutral fat or fatty acid basis
  • Tallow and vegetable oil based toilet soaps
  • Tallow and vegetable oil based translucent soaps
  • Syndet soaps and combi bars

    Kappus is a responsible company. Sustained efforts for environment and consumer protection have been in their focus a long time. They have always cared for quality, employees and customers. They will extend this care now to environment in our region and our country and safe products in their markets. Respect for environment and society does not mean to give up fun and innovation. The conversion of high-grade raw materials with the skill of a countries high technical standard will always create a product of excellent quality. It might cost a few cents more, but you will invest this money in local jobs and responsibility for future generations.

    Kappus soaps are natural products made of pure vegetable based oils. Their shower gels are based on natural raw materials as surfactants such as coconut oil and vegetable based additives like Aloe Vera-Gel, camomiles extract, wheat germ oil, vitamin E or what customers ask for. For sensible users all ingredients are declared to avoid individual allergic reactions. The fragrances are light and fresh to make relaxing and recovering easy. Being the "inventors" of transparent fruit soaps, they naturally try to stay on top of the development. The perfumes of fruits of wellness like: Lemon+Lime, Cherry+Mint, Pineapple+Vanilla, Lavender+Berries, offer a cunning, innovative adventure of fragrance. The series comprising soap, shower gel and body cream render a complete skin-care program possible.

    Goatsmilk Soap, Cello Wrap, 4.2 oz Bar, by Kappus

    Retail: $2.19 Our Price!: $1.86 , 6 for $10.70
    Oatmeal Soap, Cello Wrap, 4.2 oz. Bar, by Kappus

    Retail: $2.19 Our Price!: $1.86 , 6 for $10.70
    Red Poppy Soap, 4.2 oz Bar, by Kappus

    Retail: $3.35 Our Price!: $2.42 , 6 for $13.94
    Strawberry Soap, 4.2 oz. Bar, by Kappus

    Retail: $2.15 Our Price!: $1.58 , 6 for $9.11
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