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Sportea Hot Tea by Sportea Retail: $7.29
Our Price!: $6.31
Sportea Iced Tea by Sportea Retail: $7.29
Our Price!: $6.31


SPORTeaź: The Ultimate Daily Beverage!

SPORTeaź is a delicious, high performance beverage formulated for active people desiring a nutritious alternative to coffee, soda, alcohol, and sugary "athletic" drinks. SPORTeaź is good news for dieters and health seekers as well.

This totally unique beverage was developed by a Colorado company, Ultimate Performance Products Inc., which specializes in the development of health promoting products for active people. The company created SPORTeaź to compete with the numerous beverages now available for active people which are extremely rich in refined sugar and are usually packed with large quantities of sodium. SPORTeaź provides a healthy beverage alternative to these products by combining dynamic nutrition and great taste with no sugar or sodium.

Is SPORTeaź just for Athletes?
This beverage is excellent for anyone requiring a delicious, nutritious addition to their daily diet, whether they are involved in strenuous activity or simply desiring an alternative to the daily "coffee grind." Seniors, students, executives... virtually everyone can enjoy and benefit from the health-promoting qualities of this refreshing daily drink. SPORTeaź contains no sodium, no calories and no cholesterol and has a full bodied, satisfying flavor with no aftertaste. Many dieters report that SPORTeaź provides an energizing boost to the personal energy levels, which often dip during weight loss programs.

Sportea Hot Tea, 20 Tea Bags, by Sportea

Retail: $7.29 Our Price!: $6.31 , 6 for $36.29
Sportea Iced Tea, 7 Qt Size Tea Bags, by Sportea

Retail: $7.29 Our Price!: $6.31 , 6 for $36.29

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