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Indium is the mineral element #49. INDIUMEASE as Indium Sulfate is a liquid mineral supplement you can live without, but you may not achieve optimal anti-aging and disease resistance without it. Indium is the 7th rarest trace mineral, insoluble in water so little is taken up by plants or animals, everyone is 99% deficient. The patented process makes Indium absorbable for the 1st time in history. Indium is element #49, the “missing link” that joins & activates the two largest mineral groups mid-periodic table. Indium increases gland mineral absorption 60-694% in mammals, building “stage-2” of natural nutrition for anti-aging recovery, immunity, and progressive intelligence.

Indium and Indiumease is a liquid mineral patented by George A.H. Bonadio. Indium and Indiumease is the missing-link unifying two major mineral groups. Indium and Indiumease has been tested for safety and it is the safest of trace minerals. It normalizes the master glands and improves athletic performance. It may help athletes break speed, power and endurance records. It may decrease drug, chemical and alcohol toxicity.

IndiumEase Liquid, .5 Oz, 6 pc, by IndiumEase

Retail: $179.94 Our Price!: $125.45 , 2 for $244.36, 6 for $687.27

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