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Organic Bath Company

Since 1995 Organic Bath Company has been making high quality products for face and body that are unique both in what they include and perhaps even more so, for what they exclude. Many so called, ‘natural’ brands utilize ingredients that are potentially harmful with long term exposure. It is part of their philosophy to ensure that they do the research to ensure that any product they make is 100% safe for long term use. You can trust that all of Organic Bath products are cruelty free, have no petroleum based ingredients, no paraben or other toxic preservatives, no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates, no alcohol or artificial coloring or fragrance.

The Organic Bath Company is dedicated to developing personal care products that are as good for your body as they are clean for the environment. They recognize that by every choice they make, they shape the future of this planet. Choosing organic and sustainable farming, over methods of production that rob the soil and pollute our rivers, is fundamental to who they are. Honoring the rich tradition of herbal wisdom makes sense as they apply the latest methods of manufacturing to ensure those herbal benefits are preserved. Organic Bath company is dedicated to making high quality, organic, skin care products at an affordable price. They are committed to avoiding the use of the potentially harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificail ingredients that are used in most commercial body care products. They used recycled and recyclable materials in all their packaging and strive to produce, market and distribute their products with the least possible negative environmental impact. They use certified organic ingredients wherever possible and are dedicated to expanding the penetration of organic personal care products into the US marketplace.

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