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Therapeutic Herb Manual by Herb Pharm

Therapeutic Herb Manual

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Therapeutic Herb Manual: Booklet describing the uses of herbal combinations from Herb Pharm.

Product Research: Therapeutic Herb Manual is a guide to the safe and effecitve use of liquid herbal extracts and written by Ed Smith. Ed Smith, popularly known as "Herbal Ed, " has been working as a medical herbalist for 20 years and is founder and co-owner of Herb Pharm, an organic herb farm and herbal extract company located in Williams, Oregon. Ed is an internationally known teacher and lecturer on herbs and herbal healthcare, and appears at many herbal gatherings, symposiums and expositions throughout the world. His work and teachings incorporate old-world herbal folk knowledge with modern herbal science, and also express his love for Nature and her plants. Ed taught as The California School of Herbal Studies for eleven years, and is a regular guest lecturer at the naturopathic medical schools, Bastyr University and National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is also a regular speaker at Natural Products Expo (East and West) where he lectures on herbal healthcare and is a particular favorite for his well-attended medicinal herb walks. In his constant search for herbal knowledge, Ed travels frequently throughout North America, Latin Amercia, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific seeking out medicinal herbs and knowledge of their health-promoting powers. It is this worldly perspective, his integration of old and new herbal knowledge, and his vast herbal experience that make Ed such a highly respected herbal resource.


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