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Oral care and teeth requirements of infants and children are different than those of adults. For example, what's in a baby's toothpaste is very important because of their natural instinct to swallow. That's why their First Teeth Baby Toothpaste with natural enzymes is made safe enough to be swallowed, without detergents, artificial flavors, dyes, saccharin or preservatives First Teeth Baby Toothpaste is the only 100% natural toothpaste that contains the body's Lactoperoxidase inhibitory enzyme system. These natural protective enzymes are found both in saliva and mother's breast milk and are essential in reducing harmful bacteria and baby bottle decay. First Teeth Toothpaste is 100% fluoride free and safe to ingest. First Teeth contains a natural sweetener called Xylitol. It may even be beneficial to swallow First Teeth.

First Teeth Toothpaste is completely lactose-free. The natural flavors in First Teeth Toothpaste are Apple and Banana. You may begin cleaning your baby's mouth, gums and tiny teeth with First Teeth Toothpaste as early as 4 months.

  • Natural Apple-Banana flavor
  • Non-foaming formula
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or strong cleaners
  • No harmful preservatives
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No saccharin and no Fluoride

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