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Pantothenic Acid by Dynamic Health Labs

plus Vitamin C, 8 oz Liquid

Pantothenic Acid

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Pantothenic Acid
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Parve
  • Kosher
  • Liquid Formula
  • Anti Aging!
  • 32 Day Supply
  • Anti Allergenic
  • Readily Absorbable
  • Boost Energy Levels!
  • Enriched with Anthocyanins
  • A Very High ORAC Product!
  • Natural Source of Ellagic Acid and Fiber
  • Improves General Metabolism
  • Strengthen The Immune System!
  • Beneficial As A Dietary Supplement!
  • Alleviate Cell Damage Caused by Free Radicals
  • Easier to Swallow than Hard Tablets & Powders

    Pantothenic Acid is one of the B vitamins (Vitamin B5) essential to a variety of bodily functions -- from growth to reproduction. It participates in the continual breakdown of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins from food, converting them into compounds that the body can use.

    Some of the traditionally recognised health benefits to be derived from Antithetic
    Acid are as follows:
  • Manage stress from a variety of everyday sources
  • Can help to relieve occasional heartburn
  • Boosts the body's natural immune response
  • Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels

    Pantothenic Acid is in abundance in the human body, and it is very important to maintain healthy levels of this essential vitamin in order to reap its full benefit potential.


    Triple Filtered Water
    Vegetable Glycerine
    Natural Lemon-Lime Flavor
    Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness).

    Suggested Usage

    Take 1-3 fl. oz. (30-90ml) daily, preferably in the morning.

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