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Beanpod Tea by Beanpod Tea

Large (3 week supply), 2.3 oz Bulk Tea

Beanpod Tea

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Beanpod Tea contains the pods of various beans, naturally rich in amino acids, choline and enzymes, which helps detoxify the pancreas, balance blood sugar levels, encourage the pancreas to produce its own insulin, and may help regulate diabetes and relieve diabetic symptoms such as excessive thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, and headaches. Beanpod Tea is a mild and pleasant-tasting tea, which may have many healthful benefits. It has been found to be successful in the lowering of blood sugar levels for thousands of people in Russia and Europe for many centuries.


Beanpod Tea is comprised of a combination of Pods of
  • Kidney
  • White
  • Navy
  • Great Northern
  • Baby Lima Beans.

    Suggested Usage

    Place one heaping tablespoon of tea leaves in 12 oz. of boiling water. Cook for 5 minutes on medium flame in covered pot. Turn off fire and allow to steep for an additional 10 minutes. It is preferable for the tea to be boiled at night and left overnight in pot. Strain liquid and divide into three equal parts. (The strained liquid equal a full cup.) Drink one part approximately 15 minutes before each meal. The tea can be used either hot, cold or at room temperature. Beanpod tea should be used within 30 hours of preparation. Dosage: Juvenile diabetics, age 6-12 should take half the recommended adult dosage. Those ages 12-16 should takes 3/4 of the recommended adult dosage.

    Additional Information


    Ron McIntyre of Dayton, Pennsylvania
    Even though I take medication, I couldn't get my blood sugar down without Beanpod Tea.

    Sylvia Duggings of Bronx, New York
    My sugar level was from 300 - 400. After a few weeks on Beanpod Tea, I have been able to maintain a blood sugar level of 140 for the past few years.

    Shirley Sartain of Atlanta, Georgia
    I no longer take medications and maintain a blood sugar level in the area of 130.

    Abdula Bastur of Colver, California
    My original blood sugar levels were over 300. I'm taking no medications, and maintaning 130 - 140 blood sugar level

    Mozella Sneed of Baltimore, Maryland
    Beginning blood sugar level was 150, after 4months on Beanpod Tea 140, next 4 months 99. I like Beanpod Tea.

    Mike Young of Cedar Vale, Kansas
    Sugar level now under control and I take no medications.

    Donovan Tillman of Indianapolis, Indiana
    I cut my medications in half, eat more, feel better, and don't have that big thirst.

    Lewis McNair of Huntsville, Alabama
    Many in my family are rampant diabetics. My beggining blood sugar level was over 350, but I now maintain 170.

    Gary Ray of Orlando Florida
    Original blood sugar levels were 400 - 500. After a few months on Beanpod Tea they are down to 200 and continuing to go lower.

    John Lujan of Riverbank, California
    At my regular checkup, the doctor said "Your sugar level is better than average. I'm taking you off medication." I told him I stopped taking medication a month ago. "What are you doing?" he asked. "Using Beanpod Tea" is what I told him.

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