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Salt Tea Light Holder, Yin Yang by Ancient Secrets

1 each

Salt Tea Light Holder, Yin Yang

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As a cheaper alternative to the salt lamps, we also sell small salt candle holders (about 1kg approx), which do work in the same way, but they cover a much smaller area for the negative ions. They are great to put in your bedroom, or lounge so you can appreciate the lovely candle effect. Great when you are having a party or entertaining as they do create a beautiful atmosphere! The warmth of the candle flame will still heat up the salt, which will then send out the negative ions. Place on your desk or computer when working or surfing the web, and you will benefit this way by being close to the ‘flaming salt holder'.

We calculate that if you used 6 tea light candle holders in a large room, this will give off about the same ionized benefit as one 5kg salt lamp. Please be aware, that because these do not have the warming effect of the bulb, they may sweat salty water more than the lamps! Remember the salt attracts moisture in the air, so please place on a dish, and keep well away from electrical appliances, where the water may enter!


Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamps are hand carved salt products from the Himalaya Mountains of Pakistan. The warmth and natural beauty of the glow provided by these lamps makes them a wonderful accent for any room, as well as an outstanding and much appreciated gift for friends and loved ones. They provide a natural ambiance that enhances home and office, and are a perfect answer for providing Feng Shui cures for buildings that have “stuck” energy (chi).

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