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The mission of the Almased USA, Inc. is to provide all-natural products to health-conscious individuals through independent health food stores, to improve health, increase energy and promote weight loss, as well as decrease the number of metabolic disturbances responsible for obesity and other serious illnesses. Almased is intended for use by families throughout the world who are interested in achieving better health without the use of artificial ingredients or ephedrine. Almased markets its weight loss programs in an ethical, truthful manner by using clinical studies as backup for all claims.

Since it was first developed, Almased has proven to be the breakthrough product for healthy weight loss both in Europe and now in the United States. Hubertus Trouille, a noted scientist and holistic therapist, created the unique Almased formula to treat his patients in Germany in 1985. Since that time, Almased has been the best selling weight-loss product in Germany. Almased, the Company’s premier product, is made from the purest all-natural ingredients using a unique manufacturing process which sets it apart from any other weight loss or Vital Nourishments on the market today. Through a unique fermentation process, Almased’s three ingredients -- soy, skim milk yogurt powder and honey enzymes -- are blended to create a soy- based protein powder that conveys over 90% of the isoflavones and protein the product has to offer. The key to Almased’s success has been this one-of-a-kind fermentation process that relies on a biological instead of chemical or heat induced fermentation. This process allows the isoflavones and protein to enter the bloodstream quickly, which allows Almased to be extremely effective for improving health, increasing energy and producing weight loss.

Almased Multi-Protein Powder, Turbo Diet, 17.6 oz Powder, by Almased

Retail: $34.95 Our Price!: $24.13 , 2 for $47.00, 6 for $132.17

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