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Sensibility Soaps, Inc. is one of the few companies, which actually develops and manufactures its own product lines. It produces natural products using high quality ingredients including food-grade vegetable oils. Sensibility Soaps, Inc. chooses to use natural ingredients as an alternative to the synthetic ingredients prevalent in personal care products today. Only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers find their way into their products. Beneficial, natural formulations using fresh, pure, and safe ingredients offering unique, fascinating scents with "sense appeal" describe their products.

Sensibility Soaps products are inspired by two growing trends: consumers seeking new, intriguing, fragrances in the products they purchase which promote well-being either through the principles of aromatherapy, or simply for the pleasure the aromatic brings. Moreover, there is an increasing awareness among consumers of the benefits in using organic and natural products. What differentiates our products is the proportion of natural ingredients used in order to provide benefit. Unlike many other companies, this company use of natural ingredients is not intended to support marketing; a common practice is to use only a small amount of an ingredient so the label can tout the use of the ingredient (a "marketing gimmick", if you will) although the amount used is so insignificant that there is no benefit derived. Sensibility Soaps products are created to support optimal benefit to the users by containing sufficient amounts of ingredients to make a difference.

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