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Oolong Tea by Uncle Lee's Teas Retail: $8.06
Our Price!: $7.18
Oolong Tea by Prince of Peace Retail: $5.81
Our Price!: $5.17
Oolong Tea, Organic by Prince of Peace Retail: $6.87
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Original Herbal Tea Pre-Brewed by Jason Winters Retail: $17.59
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oolong tea

Oolong Tea is made from the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis , a perennial evergreen shrub. There are three main varieties of tea; Green Tea, Black Tea and Oolong Tea. The difference between these teas is in their processing. In preparing Oolong Tea, the raw leaves are sun-wilted and then bruised, which exposes their juices to the air, so the leaves oxidise and start to turn brown like a cut fruit. They are allowed to oxidise only partially, giving them a rich, floral flavour. The tea is then dried fully; locking in the rich flavors that Oolong Tea is known to offer. Oolong Tea burns more fat than Green Tea and hence becoming the most popular teas designed to accelerate weigh loss.

Oolong Tea contains low caffeine and is known as the world’s most diverse and complex tasting tea. It has many other health benefits, and these have all been validated by modern scientific research. It contains abundant supplies of potent antioxidants known as "polyphenols" and "catechins." These compounds, also known as "free radical scavengers," neutralize and eliminate the highly reactive metabolic and environmental toxins known as "free radicals," which destroy cells, corrode tissues, and cause premature degeneration of the internal organs. The antioxidants in the tea provide constant detoxifying activity in the blood and tissues, protecting the body from toxic damage and preventing formation of tumors. It also promotes beauty and health. Similarly, Oolong Tea promotes strong, healthy teeth; improves cognitive functioning and mental well-being; prevents eczema, allergies; clarifies your skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and strengthens your immune system. It also alkalizes the digestive tract, bloodstream, and cellular fluids. The tea's mild diuretic properties promote swift elimination of the toxins and acid wastes flushed from the blood and tissues by the antioxidant and alkaline elements in the tea. Studies have shown that Oolong Tea removes cholesterol deposits and other sticky plaque from the walls of the blood vessels, thereby preventing arteriosclerosis, heart disease, and strokes.


Oolong Tea, Premium , In Bulk, 5.29 oz Can, by Uncle Lee's Teas

Retail: $8.06 Our Price!: $7.18 , 2 for $13.98, 6 for $39.31
Oolong Tea, 100 Tea Bags, by Prince of Peace

Retail: $5.81 Our Price!: $5.17 , 6 for $29.74
Oolong Tea, Organic, 100 Tea Bags, by Prince of Peace

Retail: $6.87 Our Price!: $6.12 , 2 for $11.92, 6 for $33.52
Original Herbal Tea Pre-Brewed, Maximum Strength, 4 oz Bulk Tea, by Jason Winters

Retail: $17.59 Our Price!: $13.55 , 2 for $26.39, 6 for $74.21

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