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Organic Neem Leaf Capsules by NeemAura

60 VegCaps

Organic Neem Leaf Capsules

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Organic Neem Leaf Capsules have been used traditionally for skin lesions, bacterial, fungal and viral infections and to boost the immune system. For 4000 years the people of India have enjoyed the health giving benefits of the neem tree.

Neem leaf is traditionally used in the ayurvedic tradition as a tonic and blood cleanser, and is considered to be cooling to counteract Pitta (fire element) imbalances.

It is honored as the village pharmacy for its herbal efficient and is revered as the Goddess Neemari Devi. The ancient system of health, Ayureveda, highly recommends the use of neem for its purifying and detoxifying benefits. Neem Aura Natural's organically-grown neem leaf comes from our own farms. Where we have complete control of our production and harvest. We never use any synthetic pesticides. Fungicides or fertilizers. Our products are never fumigated or irradiated. Not only is organic farming safer for the environment, organic products are better for your health. The two-piece vegetal capsule may be swallowed whole or separated and the whole leaf powder mixed with food or your favorite beverage. Organically grown in accordance with the California Organic Foods Act of 1990.


Each capsule contains 400 mg. of certified organically grown neem leaf powder, and nothing else. Our capsules are free of salt, sugar, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, dairy products and are formulated without preservatives, flavors, colors or excipients.

Suggested Usage

As an herbal food product for adults. One (1) to three (3) neem capsules daily, preferably 30 minutes after meal or one hour before.

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