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Kyo-Green Harvest Blend by Kyolic / Wakunaga

6 oz Powder

Kyo-Green Harvest Blend

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Kyo-Green Harvest Blend is a nutritious and tasty green powdered drink mix. It is a wholesome blend of abundant plant source nutrients that contain vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, protein, amino acids, enzymes, edible fibers and more; which are essential for optimum health.

Kyo-Green Harvest Blend consists of 44 ingredients. Organic barley and wheat grasses harvested at peak nutritional value, chlorella, mushrooms and a host of immune supporting nutrients designed to enhance your immune function. Kyo-Green Harvest Blend is a quick and easy way to get maximum nutrition from one convenient whole food source. Enjoy Kyo-Green Harvest Blend mixed with water or your favorite juice.


Each 1 tablespoon (6.8 g) contains:
Organic Barley Grass: 1,250 mg, Organic Wheat Grass: 250 mg, FOS from Chicory (root): 900 mg, Brown Rice: 625 mg, Rice Protein: 500 mg, Oat-Glucan (grain): 380 mg, Apple Pectin (fruit): 300 mg, Hi-Lutein Spinach: 300 mg, Japanese Chlorella: 250 mg, Organic Kale: 100 mg, Hi-Carotene Carrot: 100 mg, Hi-Lycopene Tomato: 100 mg, Green Tea (leaf): 100 mg, Kudzu (root): 100 mg, Reishi Mushroom: 100 mg, Prune (fruit): 100 mg, Colostrum: 100 mg, Licorice Extract (root): 80 mg, Olive Leaf Extract: 50 mg, Organic Reishi Mushroom Mycelia: 50 mg, Organic Shitake Mushroom Mycelia: 50 mg, Shitake Mushroom: 50 mg, Organic Maitake Mushroom: 50 mg, Poria Cocos Mushroom: 50 mg, Brocolli Sprout: 50 mg, Mustard Sprout: 50 mg, Wheat Sprout: 50 mg, Buckwheat Sprout: 50 mg, Astragalus Extract (root): 50 mg, Echinacea Extract (root): 50 mg, Goldenseal (root): 50 mg, Milk Thistle (seed): 50 mg, Bee Pollen: 50 mg, Royal Jelly: 50 mg, Agaricus Mushroom: 25 mg, Kale Sprout: 25 mg, Cranberry (fruit): 25 mg, Acerola Extract (fruit): 25 mg, Bee Propolis: 25 mg, Siberian Ginseng (root): 20 mg, Grape Seed Extract: 20 mg, Ua De Gato Extract (bark): 20 mg, Ginger (root): 10 mg, Panax Ginseng (root): 10 mg

Suggested Usage

Mix one and a half (1) or more tablespoons of powder with six to eight ounces (one cup) of juice or water.

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