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CO-E1 NADH by Dr. Birkmayer Retail: $30.79
Our Price!: $21.54
CO-E1 NADH by Dr. Birkmayer Retail: $20.29
Our Price!: $14.72

Dr. Birkmayer

Birkmayer Health Products is a science-based, privately held developer, manufacturer and marketer of cutting edge nutraceutical and NADH supplements. The company's primary operating principal is to provide the consumer with clinically tested and proven innovative products of the highest quality with specific health benefits. California based Birkmayer Health Products USA's lead product, Co-E1 NADH , is the focus of extensive evaluation for its ability to naturally enhance energy levels in diverse groups of people and alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue disability. "We are setting an industry standard with our approach to scientific research and pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing," said Prof. Birkmayer Health Products President, George Birkmayer. "We are pioneering research with several of the nation's leading medical institutions to credibly ascertain the extraordinary potential benefits and safety of ENADA NADH , for which research illustrates the positive experience of thousands of patients worldwide."

Birkmayer Health Products was founded in 1995 by Dr Georg Birkmayer , M.D., Ph.D., world-renowned biochemical medical researcher. As director of the Birkmayer Institute for Parkinson's Therapy, and Chairman of Birkmayer Pharmaceuticals in Vienna , Dr. Birkmayer is acknowledged as one of Europe 's leading clinicians and businessmen. Dr. Birkmayer established a team of leading pharmaceutical scientists, marketers and business people to distribute one of the most significant and novel discoveries from his Vienna research foundation: ENADA NADH , the world's first stable form of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-hydrogen, or coenzyme-1). ENADH CO-E1 NADH is also a dietary and energy supplement that introduces NADH into the body.

CO-E1 NADH, 10 mg, 30 Tablets, by Dr. Birkmayer

Retail: $30.79 Our Price!: $21.54 , 2 for $41.96, 6 for $118.00
CO-E1 NADH, 5 mg, 30 Tablets, by Dr. Birkmayer

Retail: $20.29 Our Price!: $14.72 , 2 for $28.67, 6 for $80.64

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