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citric acid

Citric Acid is a weak organic acid found in citrus fruits. It is a natural preservative and is also used to add an acidic (sour) taste to foods and soft drinks. It is one of a series of compounds involved in the physiological oxidation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to carbon dioxide and water. It is used as a flavor enhancement, bacterial inhabitant, pH adjustment, and an anti oxidant. Citric Acid has a vital function in human and animal metabolism. Humans synthesise and break down an astonishing amount of citric acid over 1.5 kg every day. The citric acid cycle is one of the body's most important metabolic pathways. The main food constituents carbohydrates, fat and some protein are broken down into carbon dioxide and water, releasing energy for the body's various functions.

Citric Acid is widely used as a flavoring and stabilizing agent in pharmaceutical preparations. It is used in liquid preparations to enhance fruit flavors and to impart a desirable tart taste that helps mask medicinal flavors. It helps maintain stability of the active ingredients by buffering aqueous solutions, sequestering trace metals, and assisting in the dispersion of suspensions. Citric Acid, in the from of calcium citrate, is used as a dietary calcium supplement. Studies have shown that calcium citrate is more bio-available than calcium carbonate.

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Citric Acid, 100% Pure, 4 oz., by Now Foods

Retail: $4.99 Our Price!: $2.86 , 2 for $5.58, 6 for $15.69
CitriMax Plus, with ChromeMate, 90 Capsules, by Natrol

Retail: $19.99 Our Price!: $14.04 , 6 for $80.73

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