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Raw Thyroid by Natural Sources

90 Capsules

Raw Thyroid

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Ultra Raw Thyroid is a glandular extract of the endocrine gland responsible for controlling metabolism and growth and may benefit individuals with slow metabolism, low energy, melancholy, cold hands and feet, and restlessness. Easy to Digest Capsules. Dietary Supplement. Whole Raw tissue concentrated from bovine sources specially processed (freeze-dried) at or below -5'C to preserve natural occurring vitamins, enzymes, nucleotides, lipoproteins and all other cellular components. Raw tissue concentrates imported from New Zealand are made from toxin-free lyophilized glands from animals grazed on rangeland free of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical additives.


Thyroid Tissue, Adrenal Tissue, Pituitary Tissue, Thymus Tissue, Spleen Tissue, Kelp

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily, following a meal.

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