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Verbascum olympicum & Verbascum thapsus

Part Used: Fresh flower & young leaf (no stalk)

Mullein (Verbascum olympicum & Verbascum thapsus) is an erect biennial herb, common on waste ground in Europe and Britain, and naturalised in the USA. It consists of a rosette of very large, elongated, woolly, pale leaves, from the centre of which arises a thick, tough stem in the second year, producing a dense terminal spike of five-petaled yellow flowers. It can reach a height of 3.5m. Mullein is a terrific narcotic herb that is not addictive or poisonous. It is used as a pain killer and to bring on sleep. It loosens mucous, making it useful for treating all lung ailments. It also strengthens the lymphatic system. The active constituents of the herb include mucilage, gum, trace of volatile oil, resin, saponins (especially in the flowers), flavonoids (including hesperidin and verbascoside), bitter glycosides (including aucubin), and tannins. It has medicinal properties like relaxing expectorant, demulcent, mild laxative, mild diuretic, emollient, vulnerary, mild sedative, etc and has been used in the conditions like bronchitis, tracheitis, and influenzal cold with respiratory catarrh. It is specifically indicated in bronchitis with hard cough and soreness.

Mullein is a good respiratory remedy. It is considered a specific in bronchitis where there is a hard cough with soreness. Its anti-inflammatory and demulcent properties indicate its use in inflammation of the trachea and associated conditions. Externally an extract made in olive oil is excellent in soothing and healing any inflamed surface or easing ear problems. Mullein has very markedly demulcent, emollient and astringent properties, which render it useful in pectoral complaints and bleeding of the lungs and bowels. The whole plant seems to possess slightly sedative and narcotic properties. It is a valuable remedy for most conditions affecting the respiratory system. It is a relaxing expectorant for dry, chronic, hard coughs such as in whooping cough, tuberculosis, asthma and bronchitis. A tea of the flowers is reported to be sedative and may be used for insomnia. It is also a diuretic, helping to allay inflammation of the urinary system and countering the irritating effects of acid urine. The leaves make an excellent poultice for boils and sores.

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Mullein, Liquid Herbal Extract, 1 Oz., by Herb Pharm

Retail: $12.49 Our Price!: $9.99
Mullein Flower Oil, 1 oz Liquid, by Nature's Answer

Retail: $11.49 Our Price!: $6.92 , 2 for $13.48, 6 for $37.93
Mullein Garlic Compound, 1 oz., by Herb Pharm

Retail: $11.99 Our Price!: $9.59
Mullein Leaf Tea, 24 Tea Bags, by Alvita Teas

Retail: $4.45 Our Price!: $3.97 , 6 for $22.84
Mullein Leaf, Alcohol Free, 1 oz Liquid, by Nature's Answer

Retail: $13.79 Our Price!: $8.08 , 2 for $15.75, 6 for $44.29
Mullein Leaf, Organic Alcohol, 1 oz Liquid, by Nature's Answer

Retail: $12.70 Our Price!: $7.48 , 2 for $14.56, 6 for $40.95

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