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Kava King

The Natural Herbal Drink of the Pacific Islands

In 1996, the founder of what is now Kava King Products visited the Island of Tonga. What he found was a groovy little drink that the islanders made called kava. It was a muddy brown liquid that tasted very bitter and had a gritty texture. He wasn't impressed until a few minutes afterward, when his mouth went numb, and he experienced a most pleasant feeling of calm. The worries of an unsuccessful business trip seemed to wash away with the outgoing tide. He thought about all of his friends that could really use a drink like this, then he thought of all the stressed out masses back in the States and decided this was definitely something worth looking into. After researching the legalities of importing and selling kava, followed by lengthy discussions with graphics designers, Kava King Products was born on March 24,1997.

Kava King is dedicated to providing 100% Natural Kava products. Kava King imports kava in root form only, and analyze every shipment before processing. They have built a solid relationship with farmers in both Tonga and Vanuatu assuring a steady supply of clean mature kava root.

There are many brands of kava on the market today, but only Kava King's Kava has the patented process of micronization. This process creates a much finer grind than traditionally prepared kava, making Kava King's Kava more convenient and user friendly because no filtering is required. Their process eliminates the waste of kavalactones that remain in the filter and root fiber, consequently increasing the drink's effectiveness. They import only the finest mature kava root. Their patented process micronizes the root to an ultra fine powder. Micronization increases the total amount of kavalactones released from the root fiber, creating a more potent drink than other coarsely ground kava products. Micronization also enables their kava to be prepared without the hassle and mess of filtering. Their Instant kava blends so well, drink recipes are limited only by your imagination.

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