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Coral Calcium Plus by Emerald Laboratories

60 VegCaps

Coral Calcium Plus

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Coral Calcium Plus is ionized when taken, contains 72 other trace minerals plus magnesium, is bio-available and 100% ABSORBABLE in 20 MINUTES! You need a calcium supplement that your body can absorb 100% of and Coral Calcium is the answer. Coral Calcium Plus is CRITICAL to good health, its like water and air. You must have all three every day!

Calcium is involved in literally 100s of critical body functions daily. Several years ago, Congressional document Number 23476 stated there is not enough minerals in the soil to support health for our bodies. It has to be in the soil first in order to get in our food products and then into our bodies. If we don't use food supplements we certainly cannot be healthy. Calcium is essential for human life. Apart from being a major constituent in bones and teeth, calcium is crucial for nerve conduction, muscle contraction, heartbeat, blood coagulation, the production of energy and maintenance of immune function. Severe calcium deficiency may lead to abnormal heartbeat, dementia, muscle spasm and convulsions.


Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Coral Minerals....500mg Daily Value: 20%
(Elemental Calcium....200mg)
Magnesium(Amino Acid Chelate)....500mg Daily Value: 20%
(Elemental Magnesium 100mg)
Vitamin D3(Cholecalciferol)....400IU Daily Value: 100%

Suggested Usage

1 Capsule daily.

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