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Hi-Potency Joint Recovery by Dancing Paw

Maximum Supplement Formula for Dogs, 180 Wafers

Hi-Potency Joint Recovery

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Hi-Potency Joint Recovery Maximum Supplement Formula for Dogs contains shark cartilage, glucosamine, bovine cartilage, and herbs to address joint degeneration and the pain, stiffness and inflammation it can cause. Our formula was specially developed to address the discomfort associated with bone and joint pain and chronically sore and inflamed joints and connective tissue. When combined with Dancing Paws Canine Multi Vitamin & Mineral formula, you have chosen a powerful nutrient system to enhance the overall health and longevity of your dog.

Delivers our highest concentration of Shark Cartilage and Glucosamine. Effective for breeds in need of nutritional support for joint structure, function, and formation of healthy connective tissue. Safely blended with quality Human Grade ingredients. Safety and testing requirements for pet products are not always as rigorous as products for human use. We find that unethical. Our pets are our family and trust us to provide the same quality products we demand for ourselves. We won't compromise; we only use the highest quality Human Grade ingredients.

Our goal is to satisfy our pet's optimum nutritional needs. Our pets' chemistry is intricate and easily thrown out of balance, just like ours. For that reason, we recommend using a quality pet food and thoughtful supplementation. Our team of renowned doctors and veterinarians have precisely identified the mixtures of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients pets need. These nutrients are then perfectly and safely combined into what we believe is the finest pet supplementation system on the market today.


  • Shark Cartilage 550mg
  • Glucosamine Sulfate 180mg
  • Glucosamine HCl 10mg
  • Cartilage Complex 10mg.

    Suggested Usage

    Dogs and Puppies under 40 lbs.- 1 chewable wafer.
    Dogs 40-80 lbs.- 2 chewable wafers.
    Dogs 80+ lbs.- 3-4 chewable wafers.

    Additional Information


    Hey! Can you put my kitty on your website with all those dogs? He's been taking your kitty Daily Multi Vitamin and Mineral for cats, Shake "N" Zymes and Hi-Potency Joint Recovery for cats for the past three years! He is 18 years old and was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Chronic Kidney Disease 3 years ago and given only 2 MONTHS to live! I credit your vitamins and especially enzymes along with chiropractic (kitty-practic) treatments with saving his life! He's extremely healthy and happy and his blood work has actually IMPROVED over the years since his diagnosis! I'm working on a campaign to get chiropractors into vet's offices and for vets to offer this alternative treatment to kidney kitties instead of the death sentence they currently give along with the torturous treatments they prescribe. ALL animals would live longer, healthier lives with occasional chiropractic adjustments. I refer everyone with pets to your products and have gotten my new health food store in Clovis to carry your products! There's a testimonial of Ziplet with a photo next to your product in the store.
    Thanks a TON!
    Kelly R

    "Our three year old German Sheapard has hip displaysia. After her first bottle of Hi-Potency Joint Recovery� for dogs, she no longer has trouble walking up and down stairs, seems happier and free of pain. We are glad to have found your product. Thanks for your prompt and caring service."
    Corinne Weehunt

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