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Anti-Stress Enzymes by BioTech Food Corporation

Advanced Stress Management, 200 Tablets

Anti-Stress Enzymes

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Anti-Stress Enzymes, Advanced Stress Management by Biotec. Anti Stress Enzymes promote the natural removal of toxic waste by eliminating free radicals from the body and restoring equilibrium and balance to the system. Free radicals are toxic waste left behind as the body creates energy from food and air. Along with those occurring naturally, free radicals can result from a wide range of chemical, emotional, physical and environmental stresses to the body. Along with depleting the body's energy, free radicals contribute to aging, soreness of joints and destruction of the body's natural calm. Anti Stress Enzymes act to expel these anxiety causing toxins leaving the entire system feeling relaxed and renewed with special focus on mental clarity and ease.


  • 100% Plant Sprout Concentrate
  • Plant Enzymes
  • Isoflavanoids

    Suggested Usage

    First 2 weeks: Take 6 tablets per day upon arising with water on an empty stomach 1 hour before eating. Thereafter: 3 tablets per day or as directed by your health care practitioner. Water is important, be sure to drink 8 glasses of pure water daily.

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