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Pure & Natural Hair Care

Since 1988, ABBA® has unlocked the “spirit” of the plant, harvesting nature’s bounty, blending fruits, herbs and, flowers, leaves, roots and even stems from aromatic plants to source the pure essential oils used in ABBA® Aromatherapeutic shampoos, conditioners and styling formulas. The balancing properties of these essential oils have a powerful effect on the psyche, eliciting a range of emotions from relaxed to energized, from peaceful to rejuvenated.

Aromatic plant power is also harnessed through Herbaltherapy, the science of blending powerful botanical nutrients extracted when the entire plant is compressed. Herbaltherapy ensures that ABBA® Pure and Natural products deliver the restorative benefits necessary to strengthen and condition the hair. Key Organic Tri-Molecular Proteins enable ABBA® pure and natural products to penetrate from one to three layers of the hair shaft, conditioning the hair from the “inside“ out. The result is inner strength and outer shine! Utilizing only pure performance botanicals free of animal proteins and carcinogens, ABBA® products will strive to embrace a global concept of high quality and value without compromising our environment. ABBA® prescriptive therapies are designed to treat specific hair care needs. Identifying your hair type and choosing the appropriate therapy is a quick and easy way to determine which products will be most effective for you.

Pure Shine Drops, 2 oz., by Abba

Retail: $18.89 Our Price!: $13.86 , 2 for $26.99, 6 for $75.92

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