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Slippery Elm Original Lozenges by Thayers Witch Hazel

150 Tablets

Slippery Elm Original Lozenges

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Slippery Elm Original Throat Lozenges are menthol-free lozenges infused with slippery elm to soothe sore, red, hoarse and inflamed throat and mouth without numbing. These gently all natural oral demulcents are for temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in sore mouths and throats. Nothing is better for singers, especially opera singers. De-mul-cent (di-mul'sent) -adj. Soothing. -n. A mucilaginous substance used to soothe irritated or inflamed mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

A source of oral relief since 1847, our original Slippery Elm Lozenges deliver healing, protective, natural comfort to the throat and mouth without menthol – and they’re vegan-friendly!


Slippery Elm Bark, (150 mg) in a soothing base of a natural plant derived sweetener derived from corn, with vegetable stearate as a binder. Sodium-Free, Preservative-Free, Wheat-Free, Menthol-Free, Gluten-Free. Not tested on animals.

Suggested Usage

Allow to dissolve slowly in the mouth. Repeat every 2 hours as needed.

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