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Ra-Zen Relief

RZN Nutraceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Mark Lubin, a 25-year veteran biomedical engineer and research scientist in the fields of orthopedics, joint diseases, implantable cardiac devices, materials science, and medical chemistry. He holds over a dozen United States Patents in these fields...and he has arthritis. ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF product line to include variants with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM in various combinations to provide enhanced tissue function and repair molecules. They are all based on the same herbal formulation, employ the same unique and effective delivery system, and they ALL BREAK THE CYCLE OF PAIN. The levels of the various herbal components in the ARTHRI-ZEN RELIEF product line are extremely low.

The enhanced pharmacological effect is the "synergistic amplification" that results from the large number of active compounds found in most any whole herbal extract. The compounds work together to produce heightened effects as compared to individual chemical compounds at the same low concentrations. The effects are typically milder but longer lasting.Typically, results can be felt in as little as 4-7 days, but often the effect continues to grow as the body starts down the path toward healing in this area. THERE ARE NO KNOWN ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS ASSOCIATED WITH ANY OF THE INGREDIENTS WHEN TAKEN ACCORDING TO DIRECTIONS. Ra-Zen Products have no known adverse side effects. Unlike the pharmaceutical drugs and alternative chemical-like therapies, there are no known adverse side effects and no known interactions with any drug, food, or herbal preparation. That means:

  • NO elevated blood pressure
  • NO gastrointestinal bleeding
  • NO induced heart attack or stroke
  • NO kidney or liver involvement
  • NO bloating
  • NO stomach ulcers
  • NO need for diuretics

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