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lithium orotate

Lithium Orotate is an organic form of lithium, which is now believed by many researchers to be an essential mineral. Lithium modulates the release and reuptake of several key neurotransmitters in the synapse, as well as postsynaptic signal transduction. Extensive research documents Lithium's neuroprotective effects and its support of healthy mood balance. Lithium has been found to be one of the most effective treatments for manic-depressive illness (bi-polar disorder). Bipolar disorder is a severe mood disorder characterized by manic or depressive episodes that usually cycle back and forth between depression and mania. The depressive phase is characterized by sluggishness (inertia), loss of self-esteem, helplessness, withdrawal and sadness, with suicide being a risk. The manic phase is characterized by elation, hyperactivity, over-involvement in activities, inflated self-esteem, a tendency to be easily distracted, and little need for sleep. Lithium, however, is the treatment of choice for recurring bipolar (manic/depressive) illness, serving as an effective mood enhancer in 70-80 percent of bipolar patients.

Lithium Orotate has also been used with success in alleviating the pain from migraine and cluster headaches, low white blood cell counts, juvenile convulsive disease, alcoholism and liver disorders. Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases are characterized by the death of brain cells. A research team at Wayne State University School of Medicine recently reported that Lithium helps keep brain cells alive, and that it should be investigated as a potential agent in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Lithium Orotate has also been demonstrated to be of benefit in the treatment of alcoholics, and proved useful in alleviating alcohol-related symptoms of liver dysfunction, seizure disorders, headaches, hyperthyroidism, affective disorders, Meniere’s syndrome, and liver and lung cancers.

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Lithium Orotate, 120 mg, 200 Tablets, by NCI Dr. Hans Nieper

Retail: $20.00 Our Price!: $11.62 , 2 for $22.62, 6 for $63.63

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