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Echinacea Toothpaste by Bioforce

Dentaforce, 3.5 oz Tube

Echinacea Toothpaste

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Echinacea toothpaste is a herbal toothpaste containing the fresh herbal extracts of Echinacea as well as other high grade essential oils. Echinacea toothpaste contains no detergents, artificial colouring or fluoride, and is not experimentally tested on any animals whatsoever. Echinacea toothpaste has a pH of 8.3 - 8.9, and is suitable for children and adults alike.
  • Echinacea toothpaste is made with extracts of 7 different herbs
  • Helps maintain healthy gums when used as part of a program of good oral health.
  • Gets teeth bright and clean without sodium laurel or laureth sulfate, artificial colors, dyes, fluorides or preservatives.
  • Stimulates gums, provides an astringent effect and has a pleasantly refreshing taste.
  • Contains Dr. Vogel's fresh-plant Echinacea plus other important herbs and essential oils.
  • Ingredients

  • Extracts of echinacea
  • peppermint
  • liquorice
  • tormentil
  • bilberry
  • rosemary and eucalyptus in a base of pure water
  • tragacanth
  • clay
  • sorbitol
  • gum arabic and calcium carbonate.

    Suggested Usage

    Use small amount on desired tooth brush.

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